LGNZ Localism

Create a movement with a view to getting central government to include a localism referendum in the 2020 elections. This was the request of LGNZ, the official body representing New Zealand’s 78 different councils. We were asked to develop a campaign to educate people about localism, and sign up to join the movement.

The campaign idea of 78 Shades of Localism, used colour and a map pin to capture the thought that every region has its own character, personality and colours. The positioning line “where locals decide” helps people understand what localism means. A Social Media campaign targeting individual regions highlighted local issues in order to spark conversation and drive people to sign up for the movement.

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A campaign animation was created as part of the nation-wide launch.
The social media campaign proved extremely engaging with lively discussions and high numbers of shares and likes.
All local issues enjoyed lively debate, but water (and Tourism) definitely ended up being the ‘hot topic’ of the 5.