The wilder side

At the end of each year, the Creature studio likes to make something special for its clients and collaborators. We used the opportunity to get hands-on as a team and develop a product and create a digital interactive moment that aligns with it.

The studio had completed a poetry book for a client during the year that connected a piece of New Zealand history and folklore. George Wilder was a petty criminal who lived outside the law as he outsmarted police and gathered a hero following from locals for his escapades during the 1960s. We aligned that character with our own ‘wild-side’, creating a set of cards that captured the evidence of a great Christmas holiday. We encouraged our clients, collaborators and friends to upload and tag their own summer holiday images. They could also vote on their favourite images.

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Clients were encouraged to share their ‘wildest’ summer moments, and could vote to compete for ‘most wild’ moment of the summer. (Jaspen reading 50 shades of grey…)