PSG Eyewear

Refreshing PSG’s brand and product with a contemporary retail feel and crystal clear customer-centric website.  

PSG is an international company with a long history in prescription safety glasses. Worksight became the name for their newly created sub-brand and a shopping website for corporate organisations and individual consumers was realised to enable purchase of product.

The client expressed frustration over erroneous and missing information in their current online order process, and the associated time it took to manually rectify mistakes. I was tasked with re-designing a complex Optometrist-only order system that deals with an impressive amount of options as well as optical data for their highly bespoke occupation-specific safety glasses. I settled on clearly labeled tabs for each of the 5 steps in the order process with step-by-step verification. 

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The highly specialised Optometrist-only order system was completely re-designed to eliminate user error and provide a guided, tabbed system with step-by-step verification.
Smart selections and auto complete functionalities eliminated conflicts and skipped steps, reducing time spent on manual order verification and rectifying mistakes.